Give your living room a new look, feel and lease of life with these unique grey living space ideas.

The grey colour is widely acknowledged as the Millennium colour. It is one of the colours that appeal to many people. Grey can give you a cool scheme as well as a warm scheme. It is a versatile colour that can create a charming and modern design. You can also use it for an energetic, lively, vivid, soothing, or calm living room design style.

Check a Farrow & Ball paint chart to get a glimpse of the numerous options that this incredible decorating share opens you to. It also explains why the grey colour is enduringly appealing.

From the neutrals of Lamp Room Gray & Calling to the mid-Dimity & Ammonite, grey-edged Muzzle & Pigeon, Plummet & Brassica, dark Downpipe, Lulworth Blue, and blue-hued Parma Gray.

‘The word ‘grey’ extends to many other colors that are not the usual true greys. But these other colours contain elements that create unique cool, or warm undertones’ stated Joa Studholme, the colour curator of Farrow & Ball.

‘When choosing grey as your living room colour, the most important thing to consider is the temperature of the tone. This will have some impact on the feel of the room. When viewed under different lights and in rooms of different sizes, greys look very different. That’s why we created tried and tested grey colours with distinctive characters.’

Those mentioned above explain why the grey living room idea appeals more to people than the green, pink, white, or blue living room ideas.

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Grey Living Room Ideas

  1. Paint the woodworks

Painting your living space with grey gives your room a mild contrast to rosy-toned accents and upholstery.

Create a seamless, chic living room look by painting the woodworks with the same colour. This works perfectly with fluted chairs inspired by art-deco.

Make sure you consider the situation and size of the room when choosing the grey paint for the walls.

  1. Use silvery times

Add movement and texture to your space with beautiful murals. Let the metallic parts of your wall covering, and posh silver rug reflect the light in the room. This increases the beauty of the living space.

Punctuate the layers and space of your sitting room with an exquisite velvet sofa covered in grey.

  1. Include jewel accents

If you are interested in turning your living space with high ceilings into a sociable and inviting space, you should go for the deeper grey spectrum. This gives the wall an intense shade. And you need this shade to display beautiful colour shots.

You can add a little twist to the design by adding a real lampshade, ochre curtains, and a fuchsia accent chair. This upgrades your room from a practical design to a sensational one.

  1. Create a textured wall

Bring your creativity to bare by making brilliant living space paint ideas, like paint effects. You can get texture paints like Craig and Rose Concrete Effect Paint and Crown’s Suede paint to design an artfully rustic design with an imperfect finish.

  1. Let architectural features show

People usually try to conceal architectural features like RSJs. However, do not hide them in a grey room; let them stand out by painting them white. This gives the room an exciting structural contrast.

Also, try to utilize accessories. It helps to connect the colours. In this instance, placing white cushions on your grey sofa and adding a white tabletop will do the trick.

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