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Fire Watch Guards in Utah



Simply put, a Fire Watch Guard is a temporary arrangement in which a patrol or individual checks buildings and other properties for extreme fire hazards. Fire watches are typically held when there is a high likelihood of a fire-related incident. For instance, whenever “hot work” construction processes like riveting, brazing, soldering, flame-cutting, welding, and soldering are carried out on the spot. A malfunctioning alarm or sprinkler system is another typical “high-probability” scenario.

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While fire protection personnel’s responsibilities may differ depending on the job and the location, all positions share some fundamental responsibilities. Our trained personnel, who are familiar with the layout, will check all exits and fire extinguishers as they carry out their responsibilities. In the event of a fire, they will carry the supplies needed to quickly evacuate the building and notify any other occupants. The majority of the time, our company’s personnel would also carry a portable horn, a flashlight, a complete set of keys that could be used anywhere, writing supplies, and a copy of their specific responsibilities.


We offer skilled fire watch services and can usually send a guard to your location within four hours. Our licensed fire watch officers have received specialized training and have years of experience providing emergency fire watch to businesses that are installing a fire protection system or are having issues with their existing fire alarm system.

Until the Fire Marshall inspects and approves your fire detection systems and sprinklers, our emergency fire watch guards remain on the premises around the clock. We are insured and in compliance in all fifty states, and we meet or exceed the fire watch security requirements established by the fire marshals.

Our company provides prompt and dependable security services to a wide range of industries. We provide permanent and temporary on-call fire watch services for emergencies, shift coverage, construction, and more around the clock. Additionally, the security professionals at our company will conduct a risk assessment, which will be utilized to personalize the fire watch requirements for each client. We can help you hire a fire watch company to keep an eye on your apartment or business. Our fire watch officers have worked in a wide range of fields, including private and public spaces, construction sites, and more. We put in a lot of effort with business owners to cut down on fines and overspending so that your company can start smoothly. Our fire watch security guards have extensive hands-on experience and strive to meet the local fire marshall’s requirements.

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