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Few Ideas to Increase Space in Your Smaller Kitchen


If you have a small kitchen at home then you may always find that your counter remains cluttered. Many people like to unwind while cooking in this most important room of their home, but they end up getting a messy or disorganized feel.

Instead of going for an expensive kitchen renovation, you can use few smart ideas that can help you to create a little more space so that you can cook your dishes comfortably.

1.    Try to use the spaces around your fridge

You can find plenty of space between your fridge and the adjacent wall in your small-sized kitchen. You may consider creating a hidden rolling pantry. It can be used for storing your canned goods and any other non-perishable kitchen items.

2.    Kitchen backsplash

By having a stainless-steel backsplash, you can not only protect your kitchen walls from water spills but also can keep the entire tools handy that you usually use. You can easily find such stainless-steel pegboards in any kitchen company stores.

3.    Folding kitchen table

You can find a folding table that can offer you a spot suitable for preparing and eating food without using your floor space. It will be a perfect idea that you may tuck away as and when you have finished your work.

4.    Work on untapped space

You can take another look at your kitchen design and surely you will find a few untapped spaces available in that room that has not been effectively used. You can always use those spaces to clear clutter around your counter.

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5.    Cutting board over the sink

Surely you can make use of your kitchen island to create another counter space in your small kitchen. This idea can also help you to rinse your items before you start chopping them.

6.    Use stock cabinetry

You will often find kitchen cabinets at any nearby home improvement stores. All these cabinetries can be easily installed in a simple DIY way. If you buy such cabinets then it will provide enough space to stock most of your kitchen stuff.

7.    Use the nearby room to create kitchen storage

If you cannot find sufficient space in your small kitchen for creating the storage space then consider using any nook or corner in your nearby room. You can just put a curtain so that whatever you kept remains out of sight.

8.    Use kitchen corners

Often you will find that your corner spaces usually remain underutilized. However, when you are going for every square inch that is available in your kitchen then your corner shelving will offer you a very useful spot for storage.

9.    Use light coloured large floor tiles

By using a larger floor tile even your small kitchen will appear to be larger. Also, the light used in your kitchen can reflect much of your direct light, which can increase the light intensity of your small kitchen.

By discussing with your kitchen contractor you can get much smarter ideas to use your small kitchens much more effectively. As such there are plenty of advantages of having small kitchens too if you can effectively manage its use.

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