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Enhance You Balcony Experience With These 12 Design Ideas


Are you an apartment dweller? Do you constantly dream of outdoor space? Do you have a balcony? Do you have any ideas to make the most of this space? Most people living in the apartments in a city yearn to have their own outdoor space regardless of its size. If you have a balcony, you need to do more than just put a lawn chair in that precious space. There is a lot of design potential there. Here are a few tips to help you transform the balcony. 

  1. Put Out A Table

You only need a chair and a cafe table to enjoy your coffee on the balcony. Make sure to choose a folding table allowing you to store it inside.

  1. Built-in Seating

There are several good options for built-in bench seating. It will not only help you maximize the area but you won’t have to worry about getting the furniture in the balcony knocked over due to high winds. Visit Living Emporium for your outdoor living needs.

  1. Get Floor Pillows

If you are renting an apartment with a balcony, you might not want to invest in heavy outdoor furniture. Thankfully, there is the option of buying comfortable and colorful floor pillows that will also work inside.

  1. Add Some Lights

If you love to hang out on the balcony late at night, enhance that experience by adding a few lights such as outdoor scones or a pendant. In case you live in a rented apartment, outdoor lanterns or string lights make for a good choice.

  1. Hammock Or Hanging Chair

Want to convert your balcony into your own private holiday space! Buy a hammock or a hanging chair for that laid-back life you enjoy when on vacation.

  1. Want to Recline

Convert your balcony into a restful retreat by investing in a lounge chair or a daybed. Spend some time with your favorite book or just soak up the sun. Make things comfortable with some outdoor pillows.

  1. Add Some Green Eye Candy

Everybody loves to have some green around and your balcony is the perfect place. Buy some planters with lush green plants to create that backyard feel. When you are buying planters, don’t forget to add some herbs to the selection. It will make you want to spend more time on the balcony as it will smell really nice.

  1. Utilize Wall Space

A good way to make the balcony feel like an extended part of your apartment is to hang some weather-resistant art or planters there.

  1. Keep Things Shady

If you would like to have fun on the balcony in all kinds of weather conditions, you should seriously consider a retractable awning. It will keep you safe from the shining sun or rain. Most people love the classic stripe style but you always have the option of choosing a bold color to make your apartment stand out.

  1. Keep Things Private

If you feel that your privacy is being violated by your neighbors, consider adding tall plants such as bamboo for creating a natural wall in your balcony. There are also affordable bamboo shades available in the market. You can raise and lower these shades, as and when needed.

  1. Flowers Keep You Happy

Flowers will not only keep you happy but also enhance the curb appeal of your home. Get some planters along the balcony railing and make your balcony look and smell good.

  1. Love Cocktails – Create A Cocktails Spot

If you like having cocktails with your friend, your balcony is the perfect spot for it. Just get a few low chairs and a coffee table to have your own space to relax with your friends. A pouf topped with a tray is an ideal choice for that extra seating.

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