Alabama Democratic Conference

"I am proud to be chosen for this endorsement as a candidate for real change – a candidate who will fight everyday for equal opportunity, equal pay, equal justice, and equal representation."


Alabama New South Alliance

“This recognition represents more than just a political nod for my candidacy. It is a reflection of the organization’s belief that I am a dedicated champion for change within this state - change that requires the same strength of character that is reflected among the members, founders, and leaders of the Alabama New South Coalition.

End Citizens United

"Mallory understands that the current campaign finance system is broken and it’s drowning out the voices of everyday Americans. In Congress, she will fight to curb the corrosive, corrupting influence of Big Money in politics. As a sign of her commitment to reform, she’s rejecting all corporate PAC money in her campaign.


AFL-CIO Central Alabama Labor Federation

“We look forward to working with a person who shares our belief in strong communities, a strong education system and supports the working men and women of Alabama,” said CALF President Marianne Hayward. “We are proud to stand beside a candidate who has pledged to fight for our goals, values and the pursuit of the American Dream.”


Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union

"Mallory Hagan will be a real representative for the people of East Alabama, she knows our children are our future and has worked tirelessly to fight for the education, care, and resources that will build a brighter future for our state. "

Jaleel White

"I know Mallory. She can get the job done and she can get the wrong people out of office. Vote for Mallory Hagan."


Lilly Ledbetter

"Mallory Hagan is a strong young woman who's taken on tough fights and I'm proud to support her campaign for Congress," Ledbetter said. "It's simple: When the administration of the Miss America Organization behaved badly toward women, Mallory took them on and made change happen. When funding for child advocacy centers was at risk, Mallory successfully demonstrated the benefits of these centers. Alabama needs more young women leaders who are willing to take action, and I believe Mallory Hagan has the background and drive to be a woman of action in Congress."