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My time post Miss America was a painful experience, but it taught me a lot about the power of my voice. By telling my story, by petitioning for change, and by demanding resolution, I ignited a spark that fueled women – AND men – across this country to stand up, speak out, and believe that when people share their stories, positive change can occur. I told my story. It was difficult, but it sparked meaningful change. This experience transformed me.

I want to represent the people of this state because I want to be a voice for Alabamians that is clear and strong. I want to be a voice that sparks positive change. I want to be someone who hears people, unites them and works across party lines to provide leadership and accountability to Congress. I want to be your representative in Alabama's 3rd Congressional District this November. We deserve someone who will stand up for what's right. 

Learn more about my vision for Alabama and America here.