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Different Types of Carpet Materials to Choose From


It is evident that most of us drool over the concept of carpets, but how many of us have a thorough knowledge of it? We try to gather as much information as possible before buying the carpets but nothing seems to be enough. Hence, in this article, we will try to collect and present to you as much information as possible about these plush fabrics. Before installing them in your homes, make sure that you go through all of these options once.


Nylon has always been a preferred choice in carpet fibres. And, majority of carpets today are made of this fabric only due to the unlimited benefits it brings along. These fibres not just make the carpets extremely attractive but also adds to their durability and affordability. There are also no chances of mould and mildew growth on these carpets. Being an amazing interior décor option, it is also a great choice for flooring the basements.


This is another common material that is being widely used in carpet manufacturing. It is a much affordable option as compared to nylon, which is also stain and moisture resistant and does not wear out easily. Being a soft material, it offers good value for money. These carpets can also be made from multiple recycled materials.


Cotton is ultra-soft when used in carpets. However, being an organic option, it can be very expensive. Although it is very easy to clean, one must be very careful before dealing with spills. It cannot resist stains and is very high-maintenance in nature. It is a natural fibre which is prone to fading. If you purchase this, it is recommended to use it in rooms with no kids or pets.


Wool can be a great choice for carpeting your homes. It will last longer and is a strong natural fibre. Also, it won’t catch dirt that easily and is highly stain-resistant. Carpets made of wool provide you with extreme comfort. You will feel great while moving on them. However, it is not that easy to maintain these carpets. They need moderate natural light to stay in shape and can cost you a lot as compared to other fabrics. So, you have to be very careful when it comes to protecting its look and color.

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