Data center construction: Things that matter!


Data centers are critical for organizations. Some are small, while others are huge and can facilitate the requirements of many companies at the same time. When it comes to data center architecture, functionality matters over everything else, and you need a firm that can focus on the core aspects and offer the right solutions. Firms like Stendel Reich data center architect have worked on projects for the longest time, and they know the exact things that matter for such projects. In this post, we are discussing more on data center architecture. 

Site is critical

A good architectural firm knows what it takes to select a site for a project. Data centers hold secure information, network infrastructure, and expensive hardware, and therefore the site of the project shouldn’t have inherent challenges. For instance, you would never want a data center in an area that’s prone to flooding. Secondly, you have to decide between commercial areas and isolated locations, and both a few pros and cons. Talk to the architectural firm to know what may work best for your project. 

Function over style

This is not to say that data centers cannot be stylish or have aesthetic appeal, but practical aspects and function need the most attention. When you talk to an architectural firm, let them know of your expectations, what you want in terms of function, and if you are inspired by certain designs.

Think of practical aspects

Most data centers have extensive wiring and need for specific hardware and setup. The overall construction should facilitate for that right when the initial designs are initiated. Factors like climate control and fire protection should be a part of the design work, and a good architectural firm with experience will take all these factors into consideration. 

Think of infrastructure 

As your organization grows, or the need for infrastructure increases, the data center should have room for expansion. While selecting a site or planning the design, let the architect and his team know of these aspects, so that they can plan the entire projects as per expected infrastructure demands of the future. 

Final word

Don’t shy away from asking relevant questions, or don’t forget to discuss the possible challenges that are inherent to a site or particular project. Always hire a firm that knows data center architecture to the core, and more importantly, should have enough projects to show their mettle. Get references, or check for reviews, but don’t compromise on the work being done.

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