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Considering installing a louvred roof? Here is what you need to know


The homeowner who is lucky enough to have a vast open outdoor area should revamp their property with a perfect shading solution. Louvred roofs are not merely popular with people who want to upscale the look of their property, everybody who likes to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and intake the much-needed vitamin D considers getting one. However, not many people are familiar with what exactly are louvred opening systems, are there more types to choose from, and how do they actually “work”. Here is all you need to know.

The use of opening louvre roof

If you desire to enjoy the glorious sunshine, but at the same time you want to have the power to control it, then you need an opening louvre roof. An opening louvre roof is mainly used to provide sufficient sun shading to your outdoor living space. The louvre blades can be effectively opened or closed so you can adapt and control whether you want to let more light or ventilation in, or simply wish to close it to keep the sun or rain out. A louvre opening roof system is also a fantastic property feature because it can immaculately spruce up your outdoor living area, even make it enclosed, and use it as an additional entertainment room if you need extra space.

The function and practicability of a louvred roof

Firstly, before considering installing a louvred roof, you need to understand and get the gist of how the opening roof system works. A standard opening louvred roof will provide you with adequate shade thanks to a series of blades that can easily open and close. Louvred roofs are initially installed to help control the amount of sunlight you need during the day. The individual louvres can move almost 180 degrees, so this gives you majestic control over how much light you want to come through the shutters. What differentiates the opening roofs system from all others is that you get proper shade, ventilation, or warm sunshine expressly with a single touch of a button. Most opening louvre systems are utterly sophisticated so they automatically add style to your home and upscale its value.

Types of louvred opening roof systems

When you finally decide that an opening roof system is a perfect solution to your patio, terrace, or garden, you need to think about which type would fit your outdoor area the best. There are numerous things you need to take into account when deciding which one to install. Firstly, you should see what louvre blade shape would fit the style of your home exterior. There are a few types of louvre blade shapes, from rectangular to aerofoil blades. Many homeowners choose the contemporary rectangular ones as they create a sleek flat surface when closed, however, aerofoil blades suit a variety of properties hence they are also popular. Think about the wind and show loadings when choosing the blades.

Next, when choosing the louvred roof system, think about whether you want an electrically or manually operated roof system. If you go for a manual opening roof system, you would need to open and close the roof on your own by using an internal pulley system or equipment to adjust the blades. On the contrary, electric-operated opening roofs are utterly practical as the louvres can be adjusted, opened, and closed with a remote control or a fixed switch. Plus, nowadays, most exquisite opening roof systems have automatic rain sensors that close the roof to wet weather, so it won’t be a huge difference to invest in installing an automatic one. Electrically operable louvres are more comfortable and useful and they are perfect for large outdoor areas.

The finishings

As the opening louvred system can be installed as a roof extension or as a free-standing structure that is commonly placed around a patio, swimming pool, or any other outdoor entertainment area for that matter, you could choose a vast range of finishing. Most finishings are related to colors, powder coating, and anodizing. When it comes to color, go for the one that suits the apparel of your home the best, any color matching for specific custom color is possible. The difference between powder coating and anodizing is that anodizing is a harder wearing louvre blade finish than the previously mentioned one.

Choosing a louvred roof would be a fabulous addition to your home. So, if you opt for installing one you would undoubtedly upscale the outlook of your home.

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