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No matter how much you take care of your carpet, spills are inevitable, especially when you have kids. Coffee, wine, paint, nail polish, food spills, and pet stains are some of the common carpet stains you may need to tackle from time to time. However, they are not easy to remove without the right stain removal products. Also, you must use the proper technique to ensure you do not spread the stain in the process of removal. This post sheds some light on things to keep in mind when removing carpet stains.

Every stain is distinct.

Not every stain requires the traditional stain removal methods such as steaming, bloating, or wetting because every stain has unique properties. Therefore before you take that steam cleaner to focus on your carpet stain, try to learn more about the stain.

Work quickly

The secret to removing carpet stains efficiently is to work faster. Ideally, you should address a spill as soon as it happens before it dries off. This is very important with stains such as wine spills, coffee spills, pet urine, paint, etc. Leaving the stain on can also lead to bacteria growth, leaving you with a foul odor from your carpet. Also, dry stains are difficult to remove, and they may become permanent.

When a spill occurs on your carpet, attack it with a dry or wet vacuum to extract as much liquid as you can. You can also use absorbent towels to blot the area. Most importantly, avoid rubbing the stain as it will only spread it further.

The wrong stain removal products can damage your carpet.

Ensure you research a stain removal product before using it on your carpet. For instance, hydrogen peroxide works miracles when it comes to carpet stains, but it can discolor some fabrics. Another good stain removal product is ammonia, but its smell can affect both people and pets in your house. It is best to use environmentally friendly stain removal products or stick with other home remedies.

The carpet type matters

The type of your carpet determines the appropriate stain removal process. Some carpet fibers hold more dirt and make it easy for spills to seep in quickly, making it hard to treat stains. Therefore understand the type of your carpet to find the right stain removal technique.

Test the solution first

When you mix a solution to remove a stain on your carpet, test it first on the backside of a corner of your carpet to know how it will respond. You don’t want to ruin a visible spot on your carpet, leading to a costly replacement.

Hire a professional

If the stain on your carpet seems complicated to tackle or you don’t know how to go about it, it is only best to engage professional carpet cleaning orange. Professional carpet cleaners can tackle all kinds of stains on your carpet and clean your carpet thoroughly without damaging its fibers. If your DIY stain removal methods don’t work, you can take advantage of a reputable and experienced carpet cleaning service.

A key takeaway

Professional carpet cleaners bring a difference by using proven carpet cleaning methods that address all the stains depending on their type and nature.

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