Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Are Eco-Friendly


Despite the fact that the argument about environmental preservation has been going on for a long time, it seems like we, as humans, have only recently attempted to change our behaviors. Though most people try to help the environment by recycling or using straws made of metal, the way we manage our houses may also have an impact.

Because a bathroom remodel is one of the most typical home renovation projects, it may be a smart place to start if you want to go green. When you’ve decided to update one of your home’s most used rooms, you may begin with the tips below.

Low Flow Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

When you shower, wash your hands, or brush your teeth, you are very certainly using significantly more water than is required. Even if you turn the knob all the way to the bottom, a lot of clean and unnecessary water is still draining. Hand washing for one minute can use up to eight liters of water!

Low-flow fixtures may cut water consumption dramatically, with one minute of hand washing using just 1.5 gallons. These devices work by infusing air into the water through an aerator. This separates a single flow of water into numerous smaller ones while managing the pressure released at the same time. Low-flow drains, shower heads, and toilets can all be changed.

Alternative Lighting

Historically, the most common form of lightbulb was incandescent, which worked by warming the filament in a glass bulb with an inert gas. The problem is that they generate more heat than light, squandering a lot of energy. As a result, the bulbs contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead, use LED bulbs when updating your lights, which may use as much as 90% fewer kWh than incandescent bulbs. Because it is powered by an electrical current, the light generated is significantly brighter while creating minimal heat; you should also consider adding natural lighting, such as a skylight.

Bidet-Equipped Toilets

Though many Americans are still unfamiliar with them, bidets are widespread in other countries, notably in Europe. They work by spraying the user with water after they use the restroom, reducing the need for toilet paper. Cutting less on toilet paper not only saves trees but also decreases the amount of water needed to produce toilet paper in the first place.

When you purchase a smart toilet, like the Swan S Pro, you will also obtain a self-cleaning bidet, which will protect you and the environment from the harsh chemicals commonly used to clean a toilet bowl. Instead, it sprays itself with a combination of nitrogen and antibacterial microbubbles.

The Swan S Pro features a LED night light, so you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. This not only saves energy but also keeps you from upsetting your family each time you need to leave. You should consider using this tool throughout the day!

You won’t need to wash your hands as frequently because the Swan S Pro can be operated with a remote or smartphone, including stream pressure and angle. When combined with a low-flow faucet, you will see a difference in both your water expenses and the environment!

Suggestions for Daily Tasks

Even if you are not redesigning your bathroom, there are ways to become more environmentally conscious in your daily routines.

  • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth instead than leaving it running.
  • Replace your old plastic trashcan with one made of natural or renewable resources, like bamboo.
  • Put soap and shampoo in recyclable containers to decrease waste.

Make use of whichever remedies are most effective for you. Even if the benefits are not immediately apparent, you are paving the way for a brighter future for yourself and others surrounding you.

If you want to make a significant difference, any of the methods listed above may be the best option for you. Visit the Swan Toilets website to learn more about what makes the Swan S Pro an ideal eco-friendly solution. Even if you’re not worried about the environment, you’ll find a reason to love it with 37 programmable options.

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