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Amber Gardens Condo or House – Which is better?



How do you answer this question? This controversy can be endless, as among the owners of cats and dogs, vegetarians and meat eaters. Therefore, the conversation will go not for an argument, but to identify the pros and cons of living in a private house or condominium in Amber Sea residential complex.

After all, the choice of a person depends on his lifestyle: you cannot do a repair shop or collect scrap metal in an apartment, here, of course, you need your own yard. And for those who spend all day in the office, the country house will be a burden or turn into a summer cottage for weekends. So, a house or Amber Sea Condo?

  1. More space

In your home, you are not limited to the size of the rooms. Even if the house is small, you have a courtyard, a garage, and outbuildings at your disposal. However, all this will have to be monitored and repaired by you personally.

The area of ​​the apartment is all you have to answer for. Cleaning and repairing the local area is not your concern. You pay to have all the work done for you.

  1. City or suburb

In a difficult dispute about which house or apartment is better, you need to agree with the corresponding geolocation. The closer you are to the city centre, the less likely you will be able to live in a private home. The cities are arranged in such a way that state institutions, business centres, offices, educational institutions, shopping and entertainment centres are concentrated in the heart of city. Besides the fact that land is expensive in the city centre, you hardly want to live in the 24/7 city noise. An apartment or house is a place where you want to relax, disconnect from everything that created tension during the working day, and from noise, too.

Choosing the silence of the suburbs and the private sector, do not forget that you need to go to work and take your children to school every day. Therefore, the availability of infrastructural amenities should be considered. Transport links, convenient exits and junctions, so as not to be in traffic jams every morning, schools, shops, a hospital, so that life away from the noisy city does not seem like a daily torment. When buying an apartment or a house in the suburbs or in the city, it is important to consider the daily needs of your family.

  1. Infrastructure

Modern megacities are developing rapidly. Once suburban settlements and industrial zones eventually become full-fledged urban areas. Since there is absolutely no place left for budget new buildings in the centre, developers are developing suburban lands.

When purchasing housing in such areas, pay attention to the infrastructure. Even the most comfortable private house or apartment will lose its attractiveness if not:

  • quality roads,
  • shops;
  • hospitals;
  • public transport;
  • schools;
  • kindergartens;
  • There are problems with sewerage and electricity.

Amber Sea freehold residential complex have all the above facilities in close proximity to the living condominiums. Now, you won’t have to stress about stucking in traffic jam daily.

  1. Security

One of the fears of home buyers is safety. Agree, this is an important moment for a calm and comfortable life. Feeling safe is one of the basic human needs. That is why buyers think about it, albeit not in the first place, when choosing where it is better to live in an apartment or house. No matter how noisy the neighbours may be at residential complex, at a difficult moment, they can be your protection, eyes and ears if you are away on vacation.

Country houses with high fences and large areas become attractive to burglars. Outbuildings, garages and even property in the house are vulnerable without additional security systems. If you want to live in safety, you will have to install alarms, sensors or hire a territory security service. And these are additional rather big expenses.


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