Alarming signs of roofing damage: Call a contractor now!


Depending on the materials used, your roofing lafayette la could last for as long as 50 years. Of course, regular upkeep and preventive maintenance also matter in the long run. Getting repairs in time can help avoid the cost of replacement, which can cost thousands of dollars. Whether you should consider repairs or replacement largely depends on the initial inspection. If you are in Austin or Fort Worth, you can contact companies like Reilly Roofing Company for a no-obligation estimate and inspection. In this post, we are sharing some alarming signs of roofing damage. 

  • There are damaged or missing shingles. If you have found that some shingles are missing, damp, or have turned black in color, it’s an evident sign of damage. Get a roofer wentzville mo to check the possible causes. 
  • You have popped shingles. Yes, shingles can pop, especially when the temperatures soar, which is not rare in Texas. Sometimes, the attic doesn’t have enough ventilation, the temperatures can rise, causing a few shingles to pop and break. 
  • You have spotted water stains and leaks. If you find water stains and leaks on the ceiling, call a roofing contractor plymouth mi immediately. You may also find that there are pools of water on the roof, which have caused damage to the ceiling.
  • Your home has suffered damage because of a storm. Following extreme rains or a storm, you may find debris around the house. If there is evident damage to the roof, get a professional to check for repair needs. 
  • You have mold or moss on the roof. Sometimes, mold or moss can grow on roofing shingles, and while timely remediation can address the concern, you may need to consider a replacement if the roofing material is old. 
  • You have a sagging. If any part of the roof is sagging, it could be a sign of structural damage. A roofing technician can help detect the possible cause, and timely repairs can help minimize further damage. 
  • You have an older roof. If your roofing is more than 30 years old, you need to talk to a roofing expert to understand if replacement is a good idea. An older roof can impact the structural integrity of the building. 

roofing contractor lenexa ks can help fix immediate concerns on priority and offer a warranty on the job. Just make sure that the company you choose is locally based, licensed, and insured. Also, do check Google reviews to know a roofer better.

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