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5 Signs Your Faucet Needs Repair


The faucet is considered to be one of the essential features included in your home plumbing. It serves as the outlet where you get easy and instant access to potable water. The faucet controls water flow. When these fixtures are faulty or malfunctioning, it is not considered as a plumbing emergency, but can be quite a nuisance for your household too.

If you start to notice that your faucets are leaky or are performing less than they used too, it might be the best time to replace them or have them repaired. A local plumber for taps in Sydney can easily do the job for you and help you put an end to this hiccup in your home. Here are 5 signs to look out for when dealing with tap replacements and repair in your home.

Abnormal Water Pressure

Varying pressures in your home plumbing can be quite irritating. The faucet is one of the initially blamed fixtures for the lack or the excess of water pressure in a household. If the faucet is not working as expected, it may not be fixed or installed correctly. However, you can still check for possible clogs in pipes, water leaks, or the lack of water supply. If these three are not the issue, then your tap might be at fault. An experienced plumber can easily identify if your tap is at fault. If they are, it can seamlessly be fixed by a trained professional.

Drips and Leaks on Taps

Dripping faucets can cause sleepless nights. The location of the leak is an indicator on the possible issue in the faucet. Leaks can be caused by a loose nut, broken handle or broken O-rings. High water pressure can also cause faucets to drip and leak. Unattended leaky taps can cause you hundreds of gallons of wasted water, plus higher water bills too. Be sure to have this fixed by a plumber sooner or later to avoid wasting resources.

Noisy and Irregular Water Discharge

Water spewing from your taps is another indicator that you are in need of a faucet repair or replacement. Irregular water discharge such as water bubbling can cause further issues in your home. Unusual water flow in your faucets is often caused by a faulty aerator or an aged worn out diverter valve. The best solution to this is to replace the faucet to prevent further irregular discharge. Discharge accompanied with noise can be an indicator of an internal damage. A licensed plumber can easily identify the difference between the two and resolve the issue easily.

Squeaky Faucet Handles

Older faucets or worn out faucets often have squeaking sounds every time the handle is moved. Threads in the handles are already worn out, due to its serviceability wear and tear. Unfortunately, the worn out parts are located inside the faucet, but can be repaired by someone with a great deal of plumbing experience. However, it can easily be replaced too, but can cause extra compared to a repair.

Rust, Corrosion and Mould

Rust, corrosion and moulds in your faucet is unsanitary and can compromise the health of the household. Although most faucets are designed with protective coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, they can wear out in time. Rust and corrosion makes the faucet ugly to look at and difficult to use. Rust can come together with the water, which would be unusable to most homes. Moulds, on the other hand, destroy a faucet and can contaminate water. If you see a great deal of rust, corrosion and mould in your faucet, it is due for replacement.

Plumber taps repair takes a few minutes or an hour tops, and is one of the most common minor repairs your home plumbing may need. It can be easily fixed with a visit from your trusted local plumber.

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