3 Benefits Of Having Your Aircon Undergo Chemical Cleaning


My twins love the air conditioner in the master bedroom. Whenever they wanted to play with each other, they would play in my bedroom instead of their own since it was colder. Despite it being adorable to see them enjoy the cool air, I knew I still had to put my foot down and tell them they couldn’t always use the aircon whenever they wanted. After all, I didn’t want it to come to a point where I had to call for an aircon repair service in Singapore. Just as I expected, telling them to stop made them frown and jut out their bottom lips in hopes I would pity them.

To compromise, I told them they could turn it on at least twice a week. During the days that they can’t use it, they can just play in their room instead. This routine went on for a while until it suddenly became less frequent than usual. It even came to a point where the twins didn’t play in the master bedroom at all anymore. ‘It’s not cold anymore,’ one of them said. After being informed of this development, I checked the aircon’s temperature and discovered that the cool air was no longer as cool as it used to be. Since I knew little about how air conditioners worked, I called for a service to perform aircon troubleshooting.

In the end, it turns out that my aircon needed to undergo chemical cleaning! I had no idea what it was at first, but the technician explained that it was a process where the components of the aircon would be cleaned using particular chemicals. Once the cleaning was done, I could pinpoint the benefits of this procedure after experiencing them for a few months.

1. Better Air Quality

Back when I didn’t spend money on an aircon chemical wash price, the aircon would sometimes cause a friend of the twins to fall into an asthma attack. I thought it was just something in the air, but now I’ve realised it was due to the dirt particles that the aircon had gathered. Since the unit absorbs the air in the room and turns it into cooler air, the airborne particles tag along as well. After the aircon was chemically cleansed, the twins’ friend could visit without any issues.

2. Lower Electricity Bill

An aircon with dirty filters has a more challenging time cycling the air. With the unit working twice as hard for an effortless function, the electricity bill goes up in response. Thankfully, I was able to call the aircon repair service in Singapore to clean my aircon before the bill’s costs grew any bigger. Now it runs smoothly and uses less electricity during usage.

3. No More Foul Odours

My air conditioner used to release air that had an odd scent. My twins have mentioned it before, but I just passed it off as an odour already in the air rather than something coming from the aircon. It took aircon chemical cleaning for me to realise that the foul smell resulted from mildew and mould build-up inside the unit.

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